Avatar – the Idea of Avaatar in Hinduism (manifest God) … Does It Hold Good?

From times immemorial it has been a basic practice in Hinduism to accept the existence of Avatar. However who is an Avatar … is Avatar manifest God himself or a person who presumes substantial spiritual powers that the mankind starts considering one an Avatar.
In the present Kali Yuga everyone is awaiting with eased off breath the advent of the Avatar of the age … the coming of Bhagwan Kalki. It is thought about that in today metal age Bhagwan Kalki … the Avatar of the age shall deliver the humanity from the ills existing in the society.
Who shall be this Avatar? Shall this Avatar descend from the heaven as is expected by numerous or shall he be a normal human being with supernatural powers? Lord Krishna was an Avatar therefore is Bhagwan Kalki expected to be an Avatar.
Prior to elaborating even more on the topic of Avatar … we need to comprehend why the need for an Avatar exists at all. Why the mankind at a particular stage in the cosmic cycle requires an Avatar? Can we truly not handle without an Avatar?
If the coming of an Avatar is so crucial then why is it not so that we have the coming of Avatar very typically! Lord Krishna considered an Avatar came about 3600 years before and now we wait for the coming of Bhagwan Kalki … An Avatar! What required for such a long space of 3600 years before another Avatar dropped in!
Discussing the concept of Avatar in information … something needs to be remembered clearly which is … with the beginning of every new Yuga … there is an Avatar! No brand-new Yuga can start without an Avatar. This is a verified reality. Why?
Let us take the example of a tennis ball … if we toss this tennis ball on a flat ground then at a certain phase it shall strike the ground and once again recuperate … travel a specific range and again strike the ground and get better. This keeps repeating till the ball has no energy left for it to bounce or take a trip any further. It pertains to a rest.
Exactly in the very same way every Yuga needs an Avatar to announce the start of the journey. Without an Avatar the ball will never ever bounce and will remain where it is. It is the Augustus existence of an Avatar that reveals the start of the Sat Yuga. When the clock rings 12 p.m, it is the time. When the sun is in its full zenith, the period!
It is just an Avatar who represents that human life deserves living … his teachings and sayings provide the humanity that vital ingredient which is absolutely necessary for the humankind to survive as a flock. As the clock turns 3 p.m. the human values begin their decay … as the clock approaches 6 p.m. the worths in the society have actually degraded further.
The Avatar may have come and departed however his worths and teachings form the core of the society … the society from now onwards survives on the basis of the mentors rendered by the Avatar who contributed in start of the Yuga (mostly the Sat Yuga).
The period from the evening and till practically 5:00 a.m. is the duration of the Kali Yuga (the duration when materialistic propensities are in their peak) … this is the time when human worths almost break down … and as techniques the morning … we likewise need to go through many darkening stage of the society, the period from 5 a.m. to 6 AM. When the existing Kali Yuga ends with a World War, it is this period in the history of mankind.
This World War at the end of a Kali Yuga is unavoidable. None can surpass the dominating circumstances in the society. Prayers increase therefore increase the expectation of an Avatar who shall come and deliver the humanity from the existing ills and likewise reveal the start of a new Sat Yuga!
After a lapse of about 3600 years when the clock is almost sounding 5 a.m. … this is the time when the likes of Bhagwan Kalki, an Avatar of the era will surface and deliver the mankind towards a new age, a new Yuga (a Sat Yuga).
Guy Gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or prophet Mohammed after having gotten Enlightenment can reveal to the humanity the course to achieving Salvation (Moksha as we call it in Hinduism) however can they ever provide the humanity definitely and totally from the existing ills? Never ever … for it is only the power within an Avatar who can work out outright control over the existing ills and supply a reprieve to the society!
It is only an Avatar who shall pick up the fixed lying ball and toss it again revealing the start of a new Yuga. What an experience the society goes through. Is it not remarkable that every Yuga has its own Avatar. Every Yuga principally beginning with the phase of Sat Yuga and ends in a Kali Yuga prior to whatever gets cleansed up by the occurrence of a World War. When only those who have upright thinking survive, this is the stage of time in humanity.
Every individual who took pleasure in living the materialistic trend of life will find no location during the start of the new Yuga … the Sat Yuga! All will get annihilated for there is no location for such beasts of the society who feed on the worths of the society and result in decay of the society as a whole. It is practically unlivable in a Kali Yuga … Unlivable for those who cherished uplifting the moral values of the society!
Once the ball is tossed … every subsequent strike and its uplift announces the development of a brand-new Man god, we likewise require to remember here that! After the arrival of Lord Krishna (an Avatar) … came Mahavira … then about 77 years later on followed Gautama Buddha … another 423 years later followed Jesus Christ and another after

Lord Krishna was an Avatar and so is Bhagwan Kalki anticipated to be an Avatar.
Before elaborating even more on the subject of Avatar … we need to comprehend why the need for an Avatar exists at all. If the coming of an Avatar is so essential then why is it not so that we have the coming of Avatar really often! Lord Krishna thought about an Avatar came about 3600 years prior to and now we wait for the coming of Bhagwan Kalki … An Avatar! Explaining the idea of Avatar in detail … one thing needs to be remembered plainly and that is … with the beginning of every brand-new Yuga … there is an Avatar!

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